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Step 1. Install Meta Trader

The Forex Maestro Expert Advisor was designed to run on Meta Trader 4 platform only.

In order to use it, you have to install Meta Trader 4 first.



You can download it here







































Follow the instruction on the screen to complete the set up



































Once you are done, click on the check box to launch Meta Trader 4.



Step 2: Open a demo account

You will be asked for opening an account when running Meta Trader for the first time.


































Fill up all the necessary information to open a new account and Click Next to continue

































Choose your trading server and click next






Click finish button to complete your account registration process. Congratulations. You

are done and ready to make profit



Step 3: Install The Forex Maestro Trading Software



1. You need to close the Meta Trader if you are running it

2.    Go to the place where you save fxmaestrosoft.zip, and extract it.

3.    Go to the folder where you extract fxmaestrosoft.zip to

4.    Copy the file maestro.ex4 inside expert folder into to the 'expert' folder inside your

Meta Trader folder






















5. Start your Meta Trader and you're done





Step 4: Running The Forex Maestro Trading Software

1. Launch Meta Trader if you haven't started it yet

2.    Expand Expert inside the Navigator Panel

3.    Right Click on the Maestro and choose attach to a chart (if you can not find the

navigator panel, then go to View -> Navigator or press Ctrl + N)


























Step 5: How to make sure the Forex Maestro Software is running




First, you have to make sure that, Meta Trade allows the EA to run

Go to Tools -> Options and enable Expert Advisors




Expand the Expert inside the Navigator Panel and right click on Maestro and choose

Attach to chart










































Right Click on the Chart window and choose Expert Advisors -> Properties


































Set the options, remember to allow live trading

































MA_Length: 10

We use SMA 10. You can change this value to any value you are interested in.



MA_timeframe: 30

We apply the SMA into 30-minute timeframe. 1440 for D1 charts etc…



MA_type: 0

The SMA 10 is applied to CLose



Percent: 0.1

A very important setting that has great impact on performance.

Small = many trades, many large positions.

Large = less trades, fewer large positions



TradeOnFriday: 1

0 means don't trade on friday.




1 means trade on friday. Friday is often seen as a day that gives unrealistic moves.




It's not always possible to get the exact price you want.

This setting allows Maestro to accept less perfect prices.

Don't set it too low because it can make you miss trades.



Lots: 0.1

Lot size for each opening trade.



Takeprofit: 30

Profit target for each trade



Stoploss: 300

Total loss on all open positions in pips



PipStep: 30

When the position goes against Maestro it starts buying to average the position to a

better value. The value you enter here is how much the price must move to open a new




Increment Type:0

When set at 0 it just uses the above mentioned PipStep. When set at something else it

gradually increases the size of PipStep. The logic behind this is if Maestro needs to buy

many lots the trend is strongly against us and will continue. So we can buy a bit later.

That way we get better averaging and less positions.



GMT: 2

Your broker timezone.



DST: 0




0=Standard 1=Daylight Saving



Opening Hour: 0



ClosingHour: 23



Trade will open between these time.



These settings are already optimized using Interbankfx broker.



PLEASE NOTE: Actually, I recommend you only pay attention to FOUR settings:

Lots, Takeprofit, Stoploss, and Pipstep and leave the rest at defaults.



IMPORTANT:    6-Digit Forex Quotes and Maestro Expert





Many Forex brokers have started to offer 6 digit Forex quotes to via the MetaTrader 4

terminal recently. It has a lot of benefits for the scalping traders and opens up many

new trading possibilities for others. But there seems to be a problem with almost all

expert advisors that are applied to the MetaTrader 4 platform, which uses 6 digit Forex

quotes instead of the more conventional 5 digit format.



What exactly is 6-digit Forex quote? For example, if you use Alpari UK as your broker,

you might see this EUR/USD quote 1.26331. It's a 6-digit quote… whereas if you use

other brokers that use the more conventional 5 digit format, this quote would be 1.2633.



So, if your broker uses 6-digit forex quote, you need to make the following changes

in your Maestro settings:



Add a 0 digit at the end of your Takeprofit, Stoploss, and Pipstep





For example, change your Takeprofit from 30 to 300



Change your Stoploss from 300 to 3000.



Change your PipStep 30 to 300.




Although Maestro robot can be run on many timeframes ranging from 1-minute to daily,

I highly recommended you to use the robot on 5-minute, 15-minute and 30-minute only.




I highly recommended you to use the robot on these 4 currency pairs:


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Base Band

Semacam kanal yang menggunakan jalur komunikasi yang hanya membawa satu sinyal dalam satu waktu. Misalnya penggunaan jalur telepon sebagai sarana pengirim data antar komputer yang terletak saling berjauhan.


Dasar dari sistem angka, merupakan jumlah angka yang dapat ditampilkan di dalam suatu sistem. Misalnya dasar dari sistem desimal adalah sepuluh, dasar dari sistem biner adalah dua, dasar dari sistem oktal adalah delapan, dasar dari sistem heksadesimal adalah enambelas, dst.

BASCOM (Basic Compiler)

Program yang menterjemahkan program BASIC berakhiran .BAS menjadi file .EXE yang dapat dieksekusi

Bar Code Scanner

Alat yang mampu membaca balok-balok bar code ke dalam bentuk alfanumerik

Bar Code

Karakter numerik yang ditampilkan dalam bentuk balok-balok dengan bermacam-macam ketebalan.


Bagian yang tidak bergerak dalam dokumen Web sekalipun kita menggulung scrollbar sampai ke akhir dokumen. Sekarang ini hanya Internet Explorer yang mendukung perintah banner.